Ashburn City Hall’s Public Announcement

PSA: Due to the COVID-19 the Ashburn City Hall’s Lobby will be closed until further notice. We will be taking payments. Citizens can utilize the drop box outside of the building for payments. Please include the correct amount and the bill. If you don’t have the bill and the amount please call Ashburn City Hall at (229)567-3431 to get your account number and correct amount. Please include the account number to ensure your payment is processed properly. Citizens can also make payments online at our web site City of  We will also render usual services to the community Monday-Friday 8am until 5pm. If you need services please call Ashburn City Hall and place your work order. For any other additional information please do not hesitate to call Ashburn City Hall at (229) 567-3431

Health Care Providers Revised CDC Guidelines

Notes from COVID-19 Briefing with Senator Loeffler

Guidelines for Staff Exposure

Local State of Emergency COVID-19

State Laws Impacting Counties during Public Health Emergency

Turner County Government March 20th Update COVID-19

Turner County Planned Response

Food Service Establishments and Tourist Accommodations

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