Gas and Water

Ashburn’s gas and water deparment maintains four six hundred feet deep wells, the potable water and sanitary sewer distribution systems, and the right-of-ways for the lines. Monitoring the wells, fluoride, chloride and flow, along with leak repairs, make for a full agenda. Aging line replacements, training, and new service connections add to the work load. The department has a goal to provide the best quality drinking water to the customers at the lowest cost possible.

Ashburn owns and operates both a natural gas distribution system within the City, but also provide propane gas in Ashburn and throughout Turner County, for economical, clean, dependable and safe heating, cooking, and hot water for our customers, and serves the agribusiness and industrial community with economical and safe energy.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Gas and Water Department Head
Adam Lavendar


Gas and Water Department
(229) 567-2424
291 Mills Street
Ashburn, Georgia 31714