Fire Department

The Ashburn Fire Department provides the citizens of Ashburn with 24-hour fire protection. Through the efforts of the staff and administration, the city’s insurance rating is a class 2, which in turn means lower premiums to the policyholders.

The Ashburn Fire Department maintains two fire stations with Station. One located next to City Hall, and Station Two is at the corner of West Washington Ave and Bridges Road. Both locations are under the direction of the Interim Fire Chief James Turner. The Ashburn Fire Department employs five career firefighters and has nineteen certified volunteers. As the fire service has become more complex and demanding, the Ashburn Fire Department has met the challenge by more extensive training and expanding the public relations programs. The Ashburn Fire Department is honored to serve the citizens with pride, dignity, and integrity. The motto of the Ashburn Fire Department is “WE CARE!”

James Turner


Ashburn Fire Department
(229) 567-2121
109 East Madison Avenue
Ashburn, Georgia 31714