Police Department

Police Chief Richard Purvis and his sworn officers have the charge of protecting and serving the citizens of Ashburn and to enforce the city ordinances and state laws.

The new structure of divisions to handle patrol, traffic, investigations, warrant, drug enforcement, and canine operations allow the agency to serve the public with more effectiveness and efficiency.

There were 163,000 miles patrolled and 14,000 calls for aid and assistance during last year. Emphasis has been placed on communications with the public and the department has participated in public relations activities such as “America Buckles Up”, “Click-it or ticket”, Children Drug Awareness, and participation at the Fire Ant Festival.

The police department is funded from the property taxes, fees, and fines generated in the City’s General Fund. Chief Richard Purvis has adopted a goal of reducing crime and making Ashburn a safer community in which to live and work.

Richard Purvis


Ashburn Police Department
(229) 567-2323
121 East Madison Avenue
Ashburn, Georgia 31714